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NINCO: New in 2011

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All news of 2011

NINCO newsNINCO news

NINCO presented at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg all the news of 2011 to all usual outlets for hobby. At first for all his followers, we showed the list of all brands NINCO slot and radio control.

In our catalog you will find the new molds provided both NINCO 1/32 as XLOT 1/28, and the new Flex family of this brand. In addition, new circuits, parts and accessories.

As for radio control, we introduced many new products: NINCOAIR more helicopters, a wide range of electric and nitro cars NINCO4RC at...
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1958 prototype

Ford Nucleon: Nuclear power plant on wheelsFord Nucleon: Nuclear power plant on wheels

In the fifties of the twentieth century, people in the United States had a fascination for the modern, futuristic and any ideology that preached new ways to create a consumer society. Those were golden years. Many engineers raised a fantastic future. In the future all problems will disappear thanks to technology and everyone would live in a welfare state. There was thought that the planet had limited resources. Never mind issues such as environment, ecology and sustainable development.

The automotive world in those years did not escape the fever for the future, again, was one of the sectors that announced a future happy and carefree. In those years, all companies had models of...
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History of the pesetaHistory of the peseta

Probably the story of the most common objects is the most exciting. In this case, the peseta (legal tender in Spain before the arrival of the Euro) has an intricate history, especially during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

About the name Peseta, although other sources are attributed, the most widely accepted is that the name derives from the Catalan word "peceta". This word means little feet or diminutive piece.

This word was used in ancient times to denote coins. According to documents and was used during the Middle Ages to designate coins. In the fifteenth century appears again this term to refer to silver coins. But PECET not entered in the Spanish language as a peseta to the early eighteenth century. The first official document that refers to this name...
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